Sonatest DAAH Phased Array Transducer

Recognised for its high quality and performance for more than 10 years, the DAAH (Detachable Active Array Head) range provides a unique phased array transducer solution by splitting the array from the cable.

DAAH Series

Th DAAH Series concept also yields advantages in cost at purchase but also for maintenance in the long run as a cable is much less expensive to repair then replacing a phased array probe.

DAAH Connections

There are two type of DAAH cable sockets, the compact D1 and the larger D5 that fit respective DAAH probe sub-family. All DAAH cables are delivered with an integral 2 m cable, a single probe socket and a quick I-PEX latch connector including an adapter bracket that is compatible with any standard I-PEX instrument. The cables can also be delivered with a dual socket option, eliminating the need for phased array splitter box. Sonatest offers a special customization service for DAAH cables, and other length and connector options are available upon request.

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Sonatest DAAH Phased Array Transducer