MagScan Scanner

One of Phoenix’s best-selling scanners, the MagScan can be used on everything from flat plate to pipes as small as 4” O/D. Its compact size means it can be set up by one operator and is suitable for phased array, TOFD, and corrosion mapping. The MagScan can be connected to the Phoenix MCPA motor controller.

The MagScan: a magnetic dual axis motorised scanner, is the ideal tool for corrosion mapping. The dual axis function allows for inspections such as raster scanning and for testing pipe to elbow welds, and any flat or curved surfaces.

Suitable for inspections using TOFD, pulse-echo or phased array techniques, the MagScan is fully encoded, offers a range of stroke lengths, and holds up to 6 ultrasonic transducers.

Local motion control for the MagScan is via PC Link software package. PC Link allows a choice of scan patterns, movement parameters, acceleration and speed settings. Other options available for the MagScan include the use of a chain guide and peristaltic pump.

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MagScan Scanner