CREO Bolt Scanner

CREO bolt scanners are a set of 3 units capable of the encoded scanning of 1” to 3” diameter studs, and surface scanning circumference up to 400mm diameter. The modular design of these scanners allow for multiple configurations of probes, holders and scanning attachments for differing bolt types and dimensions.

Modular Scanner

The unique design incorporates a direct drive to the encoder meaning the scan can be completed with zero chance of encoder slip. Locational accuracy is achieved by cam linked mounting legs keeping the probe in the centre of the stud. Creo Modula is adaptable to cover a range of varying inspections, custom designed attachments are also available on request.

Slim Scanners

The Slim Scan T1 and T2 are low profile scanners specifically designed for bolt inspection where there is poor clearance to the top of the bolts. Magnetically attaching to the bolt heads, these are easy to attach and perform the scan and between the two, cover a range of 1” – 3” bolt diameters.

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CREO Bolt Scanner